In The Garden

Plants, flowers, trees, weeds, herbs, cactuses, lichens, anything as long as it’s green, fruity or flowery, you name it I love it.

In The Garden I am obviously going to write about gardening. Or should I say, about the frustration of not owning a garden and the challenge of transforming our terrace and roof into an urban plot.

In The Garden - Tulip

“Make the best out of what you have” is the motto, and that is the reason my partner and I are planning to utilize every corner of our apartment’s outdoors to give life to our gardening project.

The place where we live – despite its condition as an island – is a deeply rural reality. People in Ischia won’t argue for the bigger fish they caught, but definitely would about every inch of this volcanic fertile soil where every seed you drop grows with very little effort. Our Grandparents all used to be farmers, mine too. And current times are such, that in-between food-scandals making you wish you could control what you eat and financial hardship, people is taking back to agriculture. Unfortunately we currently don’t own any land, so I carry on the family tradition in pots and containers. Possibly not the same, but the results with terrace and roof gardening can still be excellent.

Can you convert a town flat on a Mediterranean island into a “country house” despite its location? Follow me In The Garden to read about this experiment: I’ll be happy to tell you about the successes and the failures and the developing of this weird and wonderful project.

At the same time, I’d also love to share some pictures and impressions on the beauty of nature in the world and a little talk about environment and sustainability.

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