On The Road

When this blog first started, in 2004, it was entirely dedicated to independent travellers.

“For people moving in liberty. For those curious and open to cultural differences ready to meet others without any prejudices. For those willing to integrate into the various social contexts they may meet while travelling around the world. For those who think a trip is not just a geographic, but a human journey, made of changes inevitably occurring when the own four walls are left with an explorer-mood”.

That’s what I used to write in 2004 and that is pretty much how I still feel about travelling.

It’s not about the place itself, not about historical or architectural details, museum times, transport information, good restaurants or places to stay – you can Google or Tripadvisor those ones. Much more it’s about the adventures and emotions, the atmospheres and lucky coincidences you can experience, the incredible situations and people you can find in the world, if only you are open and flexible enough.

Nothing is set in stone for how I like to travel, it’s rather a moving – and here I go quoting myself again ;)  -  “in accordance to circumstances and contacts, like the dynamic passivity of certain oriental philosophies. The flow of events often leading to be in the right place at the right time: like a river transporting you without too much planning”.

And also

“Not a simple log-book of personal experiences, or anyway only to a certain extent, but a series of short articles and pictures on topics met along the way. Hence, besides travel-reports, you can even find political, economic and social topics, as well as cultural, art and sport-events”.

In those times I was travelling solo or with friends to some fantastic places: Polynesia, Indonesia, Caribbean, Russia-Siberia-Mongolia-China on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, but also road trips in Europe (Romania, Hungary, Cech Republic, etc.). My stories used to be published on our local daily “Il Gofo”, where I used to run a personal travel column called “Storie da altri mondi” (Stories from other worlds). I may recover some of those old stories, although time has past, some may still be interesting.

A lot has changed since: I have been at sea for many years, I have now a partner and a child, who thank goodness love travelling as much as I do.

When you work on mega-yachts you get to see and live in – sometimes even for longer periods – in some amazing locations. On my holidays and on my days off I’ve always shot off for some cool expeditions, and I collected lots of pictures and stories I would like to share with you.

But I also would like to tell you about my new small or big family trips. Being an international couple we’re frequently On The Road, even if it is just to see relatives or go to work. I am now forced to do a little planning ahead, due to my baby, but I still move pretty much like before.

That said, I have to underline: www.inthesun.it is not a tour operator, I’m not organizing holidays or trips, my wish is rather “to tell you stories using the journey as a pretext”.

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